Service for easy interaction with blockchain networks.


The first development in Interchain.Zone was the rating of Minter validators. In one place, you can analyze and compare all validators among themselves according to a variety of criteria.


In developing the rating of Minter validators, we were guided by the following principles:

  1. The big idea – any service should be created for people.
  2. Simplicity – the service should be clear to everyone.
  3. Informativeness – getting all the information for choosing a validator in one place.
  4. Speed ​​– update all information after each block without reloading the page.
  5. Adaptability – full and convenient use on any device.
  6. Convenience of regular use – the ability to install as an application on mobile devices.
  7. Availability in different languages ​​– the ability to use the service in your own language.

We will continue to create new products, based on these values, and as a result we plan to create a whole ecosystem consisting of user-friendly block browsers, ratings, wallets and other services.


The Interchain.Zone service was created by the BTC.Secure team:

Aleksey Kukhnovets (@webcounters) – The author of this rating. On his sleepless nights he wrote tens of thousands of lines of code from scratch. Thanks to him, the service turned out so fast, accurate, interactive and optimized for all modern devices.

Konstantin Meleshkin – He came up with the idea and structure of the Interchain.Zone service. Thanks to his limitless attention to the little things that make up the product, he became the champion in the number of proposed edits.

Dmitry Kozhevnikov – Helped translate complex things into simple language. He took an active part in solving non-standard tasks that continually arose on the way to the long-awaited release of the service.

You can contact the development team by or @BTCSecureTeam in Telegram.